Gift Certificates

Gardening Gift - Garden Planner Gift Certificate gift certificates are the perfect year-round gift for any gardener with a vegetable, herb or fruit garden. Each gift certificate gives a one or two year subscription to the online Garden Planner for PC or Mac, giving access to:

  • Garden Plans: Quickly produce garden plans and change the layout.
  • Growing Information: Just click for full details of how to grow each plant.
  • Spacing and Crop Families: Clearly shown by the coloured area around each plant with warnings to prevent placing the plant in the same area as crops from that family were previously.
  • PersonalisedPlanting Chart: Print a chart showing how many of each plant you require and when to sow, plant out and harvest them.
  • Reminder Emails: Reminds you what needs sowing and planting out in your garden (optional).
  • Save Time and Money: Having a well-planned garden and planting at the best time helps increase your success rate when gardening.
  • Easy Crop Rotation: Plan next year’s garden and it shows you where to avoid planting each vegetable or herb.

A gift certificate is a year-round benefit to any gardener. Not only does it make planning a garden simple and enjoyable but it reminds you what to plant and sow throughout the year.

What is more we guarantee that the Garden Planner will work for the recipient of the gift certificate, offering full email support and excellent customer service.

How Much Do They Cost?

Gift Certificates can be sent by email (for fast delivery) or as a Gift Certificate card by post in the US and UK. You can have them sent directly to the recipient or to yourself and we can add a personal message if requested.

One Year Gift Certificate: £19 ($29 / €27 / AU$39)
Two Year Gift Certificate: £29 ($45 / €39 / AU$59)

Using Your Gift Certificate

To use your gift certificate just click the right hand button below. The Garden Planner will start asking for you to enter your gift certificate code and you can then proceed to create your account.

If you already have a Garden Planner account please use the normal Start Garden Planner button above, log in to your account and then click Subscribe or View Account Status to apply your gift certificate on the subscription page.

What Would You Like To Do Now?

If you have any questions about our Gift Certificates then please Contact Us.