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About this Garden Plan

First year allotment. / June update.

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Hazelwell Farm Allotments plot 59b
Garden Size: 8.50m x 15.00m
Garden Type: Allotment
Garden Layout: Traditional layout - rows etc
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Good soil

Plan Notes

Cucumelon -planted in with toms.

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Basil 820cm15cm x 25cmFC sown at home in 2 pots: 23/5: Thai and sweet.
Beans (French) 2020cm15cm x 30cmJohn - half row sown (May).
Beetroot 1615cm10cm x 20cmJohn + Fi (200 seeds). Sow every 2-3 weeks for continuous crops. Fi - sown at home 10/5 - nothing!
Bok Choy 120cm20cm x 25cmOriental salad leaves (seeds) - Fi sowing at home. Hit and miss - some planted.
Borage 635cm30cm x 60cmSoil improver - in.
Broccoli 1260cm60cm x 60cmJohn - sown outdoors May.
Brussels Sprouts 560cm60cm x 60cmFi sowing at home 23/5 seed tray. Planted (late - 7/6).
Buckwheat 3010cm10cm x 10cmSoil improver - in.
Cauliflower 750cm45cm x 60cmJohn - sown outdoors May.
Chilli Pepper 335cm30cm x 40cmJohn - three plants in (May).
Chives 920cm15cm x 25cmJohn - sowing at home. Any joy?
Coriander 1220cm15cm x 25cmPlugs planted 25/5.
Cornflower 1520cm20cm x 20cmFi - transplanted homegrown; outdoor sowing 14/6.
Cosmos 1520cm20cm x 20cmFi sown 23/5. More on 14/6.
Courgette 860cm60cm x 60cm15 seeds - six seed plugs planted out 22/5/15. Three more - John.
Crimson Clover 4410cm10cm x 10cmSoil improver - in.
Dill 1720cm15cm x 25cmplanted seeds (1) and plugs (2)
Fennel (Herb) 435cm30cm x 40cm 
Flower 120cm15cm x 20cmJohn - night scented stocks - mixed in with [broccoli/toms]
Garlic 3215cm10cm x 25cmPlanted mid-March.
Kale 940cm35cm x 45cmYork Supplies plugs and allotment plant sale - planted early June.
Lettuce (Headed) 725cm20cm x 30cmLittle gem plugs to plant - planted end May.
Lettuce (Lambs) 915cm15cm x 15cmPlugs planted end May.
Lettuce (Loose Leaf) 1010cm10cm x 15cm'Salad bowl' red and green: first sow 10/5. (2" thin for baby leaves, 8" for mature plant
Mangetout 1810cm10cm x 20cmSeeds - 2 or 3 sowings for a longer harvest. First sow 22/5 - poor results!
Marjoram 420cm15cm x 25cmPlanted.
Mint 920cm15cm x 25cmPot on site
Mizuna 125cm20cm x 30cmOriental salad leaves (seeds) - Fi growing at home 9/5. Transplanted 14/6.
Mustard 1815cm15cm x 15cmSoil improver - to buy/plant.
Nasturtium 830cm30cm x 30cmJohn - planted mid May.
Onion 6615cm10cm x 20cm56 onions planted 1 March.
Oregano 920cm15cm x 25cmplanted
Parsley 2015cm10cm x 25cm10/5 planted seeds outdoors + Bill's four plants.
Peas 1010cm10cm x 20cmSeeds - 2-3 sowings for longer harvest. First sow 22/5.
Pepper 1035cm30cm x 40cmSeeds. Fi sowing at home - transplanted 14/6 + two plugs. Extras planted in brassica bed - so transplant to John's plot?
Potatoes (Early) 3740cm30cm x 50cmAccent - planted mid-march. One extra tray planted in second plot.
Potatoes (Maincrop) 3345cm35cm x 75cmDesiree - planted 4/5; spillover in second plot.
Radish 1710cm10cm x 20cm'French breakfast 3'. First sow 10/5. Sow every 2-3 weeks; trim to 2" apart. Harvest after 4-6 wks. Second sow 14/6.
Raspberry 570cm60cm x 90cmAutumn raspberry in final postiions - 4 out of 7 survived.
Rhubarb 190cm90cm x 90cmPerennial; existing crop. Harvested May. Pest killer made from rhubarb leaves.
Rocket 1515cm10cm x 20cm10/5 - thin to 6". Pick leaves regularly; don't let it run to seed.
Salvia 630cm30cm x 30cmSown outdoors.
Shallots 3315cm10cm x 15cmPlanted (mid March)
Sorrel 130cm30cm x 30cmOne plant from plant swap - planted early June.
Spinach 1120cm15cm x 30cm'Lazio F1'. First sow 10/5 - thin to 2" for baby leaves; 6" for mature plant. Second sow when seedlings grow. Pick a few leaves from each plant for regrowth. Second sow - to do!!
Spring Onion 410cm10cm x 10cmFirst sow 10/5. [Half row?] Sow again and thin. Poor results on 1st sow.
Sunflower 1430cm30cm x 30cmFi transplanted early June + 14/6.
Sweetcorn 635cm30cm x 45cmPlugs x 5 planted 14/6 in brassica bed.
Swiss Chard 1235cm30cm x 40cmChard - sown 10/5 from York Supplies.
Tomato (Cherry) 750cm45cm x 60cmJohn - sown May. FC to sown own seeds at home.
Tomato (Regular) 850cm45cm x 60cmJohn - sown May.
Tree (Small) 12.50m2.50m x 2.50mLilac - cut back hard after flowering.
Zinnia 630cm30cm x 30cmFi sowing at home 23/5. Planted early June.

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